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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Monet, Les Nympheas, and Giverny

          I have always been very fond of the Impressionist Master, Claude Monet. His "Waterlillies" or "Nympheas" as he called them, in particular, are my favorites. Sofi has also fallen in love with them; therefore, we wanted to visit the annex of the Louvre, L'Orangerie where these masterpieces are housed in two very large oval rooms. When you take the first step into these rooms and your eyes absorb the immense beauty before them, your breath is simply taken away and you are transported back in time.

     Magnify that feeling by taking a day trip just one hour outside of Paris by train to the city of Vernon. Once there, hop in a cab which will get you there much quicker than by bus. Enjoy the picturesque ride until you arrive at your final destination of The Claude Monet Foundation. Once inside, words cannot describe the beauty that surrounds you. You feel Claude's spirit and you can understand why he was so inspired by his home and gardens! This was one of the best trips ever!

Japanese Bridge

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